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Architectural Restoration

The Basics

It all begins with necessity, a pretty picture or a dream. Just like that, an idea begins to formulate about how you would like to improve your home or living space. We understand how emotional this kind of decision can be and we want to reassure you that we will be there every step of the way.  

Once you have your basic conception, begin by writing down your thoughts with respect to your project. Keeping in mind how your current home is failing to meet your needs, consider a list of "must haves" and "would like to haves". Think about the big picture as well as details. Don't be shy about making some rough sketches; nobody's going to grade you on style.

Start a collection of pages ripped out of magazines for ideas and styles that appeal to you. This goes a long way in translating what you have in mind to your designer and contractor.

Once you have this information, check around with people you know and get some recommendations for contractors with whom they have worked and, more importantly, with whom they have been happy. Contact a few up and invite them out to review your project. Most contractors should be glad to come out for an initial consultation to determine if the project is right for them and see if the match is mutually beneficial. A preliminary estimate may or not be without charge depending on the contractor and the amount of time involved.  Be sure to get at least three opinions.

Have a list of questions in mind for each contractor. You should find out; experience level, are they insured? are they licensed? do they typically do the kind of job you have in mind? how do they manage their projects?

Deciding on a contractor can be tiring in itself but follow your intuition based on how comfortable you feel with the relationship and the service you receive in the infancy of your project. Price alone should not be your final determinant. Preliminary pricing should come back fairly close between contractors; if not check back with those who seem too high or low and make sure the comparison is apples to apples.

When You Choose Us

After a preliminary budget is established we will set up a design meeting. This is important as it clarifies your ideas and dreams into real-time workable models. Depending on the scope of your project we have to option of meeting with one of our recommended architects, an interior designer or we can map out your project in-house. We will guide you through the list of items that will need to be selected and direct you to the most convenient and appropriate sources to select these items. The cost of design is usually separate from the overall project cost and is based on an hourly rate and determined by the level of design required for your project.

Once a design and finish selections have been made, we will generate more precise pricing for your project. Upon approval of the scope of work, plan and pricing, we will prepare a contract for construction and we're off and running! Your dreams will soon be realized.


For many projects, a building permit is required and is obtained by us through your governing jurisdiction. On average, this process takes about two weeks.

We begin immediately with the planning and scheduling phase of your job. Once any necessary permits have been obtained and the job is ready to start, we will prepare your site for construction. Initially, we will protect the spaces outside of the construction area such as installing dust prevention inside the house and erosion control and landscape protection outside. We will then bring in the tools, equipment and safety supplies needed for you job.

Placement of protection as well as tool/material staging and storage will be mutually decided upon during project initiation for greatest convenience and aesthetics. In most cases, we'll have an appropriately sized dumpster delivered to you home as well as portable sanitation for workers.

Demolition is our first order of business (and usually one of the most exciting!). We will conduct demolition and the removal of debris in an orderly, systematic and clean manner. Following demolition, if required, concrete placement and foundation work occurs. There may be one or more inspections required during this process. Framing follows then the installation of all the mechanical "rough in" (plumbing, HVAC, and electrical).

On jobs requiring a permit, it is at this point we have our first round of inspections for the mechanical work and framing. Some jurisdictions also require an inspection of insulation and envelope sealing. We will wait for and meet all inspectors. You should expect a few days of limited construction activity during this inspection process but these days are taken into consideration and are part of our expected duration for your project.

Once the "rough in" inspections are complete, we're back off and running. Walls are covered with gypsum board followed by finish items. This is begins the really exciting part when the wood trim, flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, appliances and such are installed. All the good stuff you get to see as your dreams are getting fleshed out.

We work diligently throughout this entire process to minimize the "punch list" at the completion of the project. As we near completion, we constantly critique the project and perform "pre-punch lists". A list of small, detail-oriented adjustments which are addressed accordingly.

When we a satisfied the project is up to our standards, we will walk through the project with you to make sure it is up to yours and identify where, if any, corrections need to be made. We will also show you important features such as pipe shut-off locations, operator's guides, electrical breaker locations, etc.

At the time of substantial completion, we will go through another round of inspections from the county or city for your area. Once again, we will take care of this entire process. Occasionally, a "Certificate of Occupancy" will be required for you to move in and we will obtain that for you.


Throughout the project, you will be kept up to date on everything that is going on and what you should be expecting. We firmly believe that open and responsive communication, both ways, is absolutely imperative in the success of a remodeling project.

Remodeling projects are fairly unique in that we are performing our craft and creating our product within your home, your place comfort. To this end, we see it as our duty to be as unobtrusive, respectful and clean as possible. Issues may come up, but we are there to take care of them and you can rest assured of our level of commitment to your comfort.